Going solar: Things You Can Do Right Now!

Specific solar power for homes’ specific applications is here today to help the DIY homeowner get “off the grid.” You don’t have to wait until you can afford to solar power your entire home to start grabbing some of those solar rays right now!

Solar power still seems years away for most people. Believing they must power their entire home to make any difference, many think they’ll have to stay “on the grid” until they win the lottery or uncle Monty dies. Well, that was the case a few years ago, but not today. Like swimming, you can now test the waters before diving in!

Today several inexpensive specific solar applications are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Your home is powered by AC (alternating current), and the sun’s power-at least for now-is captured in DC (direct current, like your car’s power), and you need a separate device to convert that power to run your home’s lights and appliances. But, who said anything about powering your whole house?

For instance–speaking of diving in–there are solar devices designed to heat your swimming pool specifically! Small, portable units sit beside the pool and silently warm the water, keeping it at a comfortable temperature for day or night swimming. Not only that, but after the initial purchase, it’s free warm water! These are very low (mostly no) maintenance devices you’ll forget you even have after a while.

The most energy-draining, power-hungry thing you have in your home is your water heater. If you could get rid of that expense, you could save a bunch! Well, now you can. First, you need to buy a solar device designed specifically for your water heater and plan to connect the two or purchase a complete solar panel for a water heater tank set. The latter is your best bet, as it’s the most efficient way, but either is better than sucking enormous amounts of non-green power.

With their small solar panels attached, more factories are now making garden lights, path lights, pond pumps, and security lighting! You can take all these accessories home and stuck in the ground to start working. Your whole family can be a part of this is a DIY project. There are really very few things that can match this kind of family experience and, I’ll bet your kids will giggle when the sun goes down, and the lights magically come on!

There are even kits and DIY solar panels you can make for a few hundred dollars. So, if you’re looking for a place to start, here it is! Making your solar panel is fun and rewarding. And, when your path lights come on at your following deck party, you can say, “I made that happen!” So, go online and search “solar lights,” “build a solar panel,” or “solar kits,” for starters.